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Been Under A Rock Lately [Update]

So yeah sorry for not posting much over the past few weeks.

In between the holidays and everything I finally finished my piece for the Obey Your Master show. So that's the main reason the posts here have been a little spread out. But hey with this piece done now I can focus on the other projects that are coming up.

I didn't get to do a end of year recap so I will make a extremely brief one now. 2011 was by far one of the most memorable years in my life. First off fresh in 2011 my son Gunner was born. Only one word can describe being a Dad "Awesome"!

DSTROYR continued it's build thru the year and many great doors opened.The drift team did an amazing job and on the pro and am level. Kyle finishing top 10 overall in FD, Odi capturing Rookie Of The Year FD! The Gardella Racing gig happened after talking for quite sometime. Another great season partnered up with Vegas Pro-Am, first year with D-up on the right coast. Picking up Tenkgu Djan Ley (Drifting Pro), Shannon Kobashigawa (time attack), and Mats Baribeau (Drifting Pro). Creating a skate team, sponsoring e-sport athletes, and making new friends.

Partnering up with Wahoos and the awesome taco coupon give away! A project several years in the making was The Muppets Collaboration which was a dream come true for me! Then right after that being announced as a artist for Metallica art show just topped it off. I truly am surprised I'm still standing after all of this and the holidays.

So many things happened in 2011, and I know I'm forgetting things, but this is a brief post and gonna let it be just that.

Thanks to all the continued support for everyone!

Not sure how 2012 can top 2011 but let's go for it and see what can happen.

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